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I- Get Started

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II- Install Theme

You can install theme via 2 ways: Via WordPress or via FTP.

1- Installation theme via WordPress

Follow these steps below to install Sulfix theme via WordPress:

Step 1. Visit Dashboard > Appearance > Themes > Add New.

Step 2. Click Upload Theme.

Step 3. Browse file on your computer and click Install Now.

Step 4. Activate theme.

2- Install theme via FTP

Follow these steps below to install Sulfix theme via FTP:

Step 1. Login your FTP account via FTP software to access your host web server.

Step 2. Extract file.

Step 3. Upload the extracted folder sulfix to wp-content/themes folder.

Step 4. Activate Sulfix theme in Dashboard > Appearance > Themes.

3- Install plugins

After the theme successfully installed and activated, you will see message required install plugins. Click ‘Begin installing plugin’ (or menu ‘Install Plugins’ in Appearance menu) to install plugins:

You need install and active all plugins before import demo data.

4- Import Demo data

After you install and active all plugins require, click to menu ‘Import Demo Data’ in Appearance to import Demo data:

Click button Import demo you want, after wait to success.

III- Customization

This section will guide you how to customize parts of theme.

1- General

This is for customizing Logo, Styling, Typography and Features of Page.

Logo: Change Logo, Sticky Logo, Retina Logo, Logo Width, Favicon for Site

Styling: customizing Primary Color, Second color.

Typography: customizing Body Font, Headings Font and Heading.

Features: Enable/disable extra features: RTL support, Back to Top, Preload and Google analytic.

2- Header

This is for customizing Layouts, Toolbar, Main menu, Sub Menu and Sticky Menu.

Toolbar: customizing for displaying Topbar.

Layouts: customizing Header Layouts, Header Style, Color and Padding.

Main menu: customizing Fonts and Text Color.

Sub Menu: customizing Background Color, Text Color and Text Hover Color.

Sticky Menu: customizing for displaying Sticky menu on Scroll and its style.

3- Page Title

This is for customizing Page Title settings, Title settings and Page Breadcrumb settings

Layout Setting: customizing turn on/off Page Title and Breadcrumn.

Page Title Setting: customizing Background (Image/ Color/ Padding) and Title Style.

4- Blog

This is for customizing Settings, Layouts forArchive Page and Blog single:

Archive Page: customizing for displaying Page Title, Breadcrumb and Background (Image/ Color).

Single page: customizing Blog Style, Blog Column, displaying Featured Image, Comments and Related Posts.

IV- Support Service

When purchasing our themes, you will receive free 6-month support service for problems regarding the theme. Once your free support service expires, you can renew your support service to 12 months. But no matter whether your support service expires or not, you always receive free life-time updates for the theme and plugins.

We really care about our customers and guarantee to response to all questions within 48 hours since your support ticket is created.

Regarding the requests about Customization and 3rd-party plugins, we provide a Customization Service at a fee.

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