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You can add this code:

<field name="layout_article" type="list" class="btn-group" default="" label="LAYOUT_ARTICLE" description="LAYOUT_ARTICLE_DESC">
			<option value="">DEFAULT_LAYOUT</option>
			<option value="blog1">BLOG_SIMPLE_LAYOUT</option>
			<option value="blog2">BLOG_GRID_LAYOUT</option>
			<option value="course">COURSE_LAYOUT</option>
			<option value="teacher">TEACHER_LAYOUT</option>
			<option value="event">EVENT_LAYOUT</option>

to file plugins/system/helix3/params/page-title.xml after line 13 (http://prntscr.com/eczfbo)
After you go to Menu Courses in backend click tab Helix page title and set layout is ‘course’

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